Schriftelijke vragen over cyber sabotage Rusland in Georgie (ingediend met collega Urmas Paet)

Russia's GRU (military intelligence service) behind massive Georgia cyber-attack.


In October 2019, Georgia experienced a large cyber-attack, which targeted 2,000 websites with the purpose of destabilising the country. The cyber-attack was a clear breach of international law and therefore is an illegal act. After months of investigation, numerous Western countries like the USA, Great Britain and the Netherlands, point to Russia’s GRU as the organisation behind the attack. The Russian attempt to destabilise Georgia is unacceptable and the EU must stand in solidarity with Georgia to condemn this illegal act. The HR/VP Josep Borrell has issued a statement on 21 February 2020 to express concerns about the cyber-attack, regrettably though the GRU was not flagged as the responsible organisation for it. 1 2 3 4 5

- Could the HR/VP explain why Russia and the GRU has not been named in the declaration on February 21st, as major allies of the EU have clearly identified the GRU as the organisation behind the cyber-attack?

- Can the HR/VP clarify why there is no mention of the activation of the ‘cyber diplomacy toolbox’, as this instrument was created precisely for these kind of situations as a deterrence for illegal cyber warfare?

- What measures is the EC taking to assist Georgia in protecting its internet-infrastructure?